Franco-Maltese Grand Lodge

Modern Rite of Scotland
Welcome to the Franco-Maltese Grand Lodge’s website.

Our site is intended to be simple in order to highlight our ritual and obediential specificities. You will find that we emphasize the initiatory aspect of the Masonic approach that we want to be open to all seekers, whether they are men or women.

We hope it answers most of your questions. We provide you with a contact form if you wish to obtain more information. We will respond to you quickly.

Getting to know us !

Our obedience, due to its geographical position on the island of Malta, is at the crossroads of Eastern and European traditions; this is why on our seal is the two-headed eagle, one head of which looks towards the East and the other towards the West. It is a traditional obedience adogmatic and apolitical.

Our rite !

It is the exclusive rite of our obedience; it is generous, open to all and it appeals to the legendary background of the Orient and Europe. It offers an original Masonic initiatory progression within a system of 5 Masonic grades to which are added a chivalrous or spiritual approach.