The Grand Lodge

The French-Maltese Grand Lodge is a traditional, adogmatic and apolitical masonic body which seat is located in Valletta, capital of the state of Malta, which earned from it the nickname of "Grand Lodge of the Sun".


A traditional Grand Lodge

Spirituality, philosophy and symbolism are at the heart of the Masonic approach proposed by the French-Maltese Grand Lodge. It is a masonci body which, in accordance with Masonic traditions, works to the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe, freedom being left to each to interpret it in his own way. Likewise in each of our lodges are the square, the compass and the volume of the sacred law.

An adogmatic and apolitical masonic body

Our Grand Lodge encourages the expression of different points of view during the debates that take place in the lodge. The so-called topical subjects are allowed; on the other hand the French-Maltese Grand Lodge prohibits any discussion related to religion and politics; it thinks that this is intimate and that it should not be debated. Similarly, not wishing to interfere in political and media controversies, also thinking that the men and women who compose it are responsible beings, it is prohibited to take a position or to give instructions on these topics. To sum up everyone is free to believe in what he wants and to vote what he wants.

Our organization

Our tenets

Becoming Freemason


Our history

Our rite

Our organization

In accordance with the rules of universal Freemasonry, our Grand Lodge is directed by a Grand Master and his college of Grand Officers who form the Federal Council. The Grand Lodge aims to provide logistical and material support to the Lodges under its jurisdiction. The initiatory structures are the lodges that transmit the Masonic initiation. The Grand Lodge assembly is the legislative organ of the Grabd Lodge that brings together the Worshipful Masters of the different Lodges.

Becoming Freemason at the French-Maltese Grand Lodge

Any man or woman wishing to become a Freemason may choose to join the French-Maltese Grand Lodge. Several conditions are however required, namely:

  • You must be sponsored by a member having the rank of Master Mason in the Lodge or failing this by a member having the rank of Master Mason in a Lodge of the Grand Lodge.
  • You must be at least 18
  • You must not have been criminally convicted.

If you meet the 3 criterions, you will be asked to write a cover letter, a CV and provide us 2 passport photos and a criminal record. You will entrust all your sponsor and you will be guided by his advice.

The process can last 1 year.

Our history

It merges until recently with French Freemasonry mainly. 3 lodges with links to Malta, anxious to open their lodges to the Sisters, then decided to federate into a French-Maltese Grand Lodge. These were the lodges:

  • Maffre Ermengau
  • Myrddin
  • John Scott Eriugena

At the same time, several members of these lodges and founders of the Grand Lodge wanted to work on an initiatory rite closer to European tradition; this is how they chose to work at the Modern Scot rite, a generous rite combining modernity and tradition.

Our tenets

We believe that the Masonic initiation should help to advance humanity as a whole in both its spiritual and material aspects. We believe that any individual who progresses individually advances others. St. Augustine wrote “you must shine in you what you want to light in others”; this is the principle of Masonic initiation at the French-Maltese Grand Lodge

Similarly, as a young masonic body, we believe that debates about beliefs are not unifying, so discussions about religion and politics are forbidden in our lodges.

Finally, we subscribe to a free and complete thought; we believe that our members are aware of their place within the City. We forbid ourselves to judge their ideas. By Liberty, we access the Truth, this is the translation of the motto of our rite.


The term coeducation means “educate together”. Masonic education is open to men and women who become brothers and sisters, members of the lodges of the French-Maltese Grand Lodge. This coeducation seems to us necessary in a world in constant and rapid evolution, where obscurantism progresses significantly. Education, openness to Culture, to Knowledge and to others seem to be the best weapons to us. This is why the spiritual progression within our Lodges is open to all men and women of good will

Our Rite

Each Lodge works through a Masonic rite. All lodges of the French-Maltese Grand Lodge work at the Modern Scot rite (working would be fine too). It is a syncretic, modern rite that appeals to the legendary European background. It is a rite that sums up the link between Masonic traditions from the Middle East and European traditions.

It was developed over several years and was adopted by the grand lodge when it was created in February 2019.

“Consciousness is greatly enriched by the hermeneutic effort deployed to decipher the meaning of myths, symbols and other traditional religious structures.”

– Mircéa Eliade (La nostalgie des origines)


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have lodges in France?

Yes, as French-Maltese masonic body we have lodges in France and in Malta.

If I am an atheist, can I be a mason at the French-Maltese Grand Lodge?

No. Our grand lodge requires its members to believe at least in an ideal. An atheist convinced of the denial of all spirituality will not feel at home at the French-Maltese Grand Lodge. If it was the case we would propose him to join another masonic body.

Why do you use a specific craft rite?

The French-Maltese Grand Lodge works at the Modern Scot Rite. It is the only one to use it and it has its origins in the Standard working of Scotland and to a lesser extent in the Scottish Rectified Rite. It is a colorful rite, accessible to all that draws on the legendary European background.

Another new masonic body?

Yes, for 3 reasons that we think are important:

  1. This is the first masonic body initiating the Sisters on Maltese soil.
  2. This is the first masonic body working at the Modern Scot Rite
  3. It is a coeducational masonic body that respects the Masonic tradition and that is also apolitical and adogmatic.


I belong to another grand lodge, can I come to visit you?

If you are a Brother or Sister of an grand lodge in amity with the French-Maltese Grand Lodge, you will naturally be received. If your masonic body does not have any agreement with ours we will not be able to welcome you. We invite you to contact your Secretary or Chancellery.

Why do not you freely accept the Brothers and Sisters of the other masonic bodies?

Freemasonry is an initiatory order that imposes the respect of rules and duties. We consider that the rights of visits must be respectful of the commitments made by each to his own masonic body. Also, only visitors belonging to grand lodges in amity with the French-Maltese Grand Lodgecan if they wish, visit us.

How much cost the dues?

The French-Maltese Grand Lodge thinks that the selection by the money is contrary to the moral values ​​and masonic initiation. Also, the share of dues that goes to the Grand Lodge is less than 50 euros. We believe that every euro collected must be properly used. Grand Officers traveling for the Grand Lodge have very strict instructions on this subject.

Are you a sect?

A sect is an organization in which it is very easy to get in and very difficult to get out of. The French-Maltese Grand Lodge is defined as its exact opposite; it is difficult to get in and it is very easy to get out. Add to this that our members have their own and complete freedom to thought.